Argentina’s full potential is still undiscovered

Thousands of tech students from small cities in Argentina spend several years attending to an University far from their home.

When they graduate, many want to return to the quiet life of their home towns only to find there are no tech jobs there.

Some succeed with small entrepreneurship or working remotely for some company in Buenos Aires or offshore.

These professionals have all great skills, good english level and they are willing to contribute to interesting projects with very competitive costs. This talent is under the radar and still needs to be discovered.

Since 2010 I decided myself that I would give priority to these professionals and I made many trips to cities around the country meeting them and discovering these people.

I’ve been in Resistencia, Santa Fe and Jujuy, And I met in Buenos Aires with people from Bahia Blanca, Mar del Plata and La Pampa, among other places, where I met incredible professionals. Some of them continue working with me while others have made their way to better jobs.

I’m proud to know that people who started working for me is now working in important companies in the United Kingdom, Netherlands or USA.

I still work to discover more of these talent every day.

Author: Marcelo Ruiz

Marcelo has been working as a software developer for more than 15 years. He has participated in projects for companies in USA, Mexico, Argentina, Europe and Africa. He is skilled with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, C#, WCF and SQL Server, among others.

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