So 2016 is ending in Centraldev!

Working at OmniPrint

You know, I’m always super busy and have no time to write in the blog, but I wanted to close the year (today is December 31st, by the way) with a summary of all we have done in 2016.

I started the year in Mexico, closing a deal for a new project that started in March and ended very abruptly in May. You will find odd clients from time to time and I’m used to that since I started in this business. I’m experienced enough to know it was not my fault, and I let my partners know that they are not guilty if we happen to run across one of this specimens.

Working at OmniPrint

At the same time, we continued working for OmniPrint, one of our customers in California in two projects. By July we were invited to travel to Los Angeles for reasons of these projects with my partner José. We spent 20 days of August having meetings, planning and working there. We continued working in the improvements discussed in those meetings and we are close to launch the products we are still working on.

We have also worked in projects for our customers in Argentina like the new websites of Consultora Paradigma, CICYP, Fundación Hábitat y Desarrollo and Print a Lot.

Finally, we have also worked in smaller gigs for some old and loyal customers: SoliSYSTEMS (10 years as customer this March!) from Texas, SiteJabber from San Francisco and Agilink from Louisiana.

Next year we expect the final launch of the products we have been working on during 2016 and many new exciting projects.

Happy new year!!

Author: Marcelo Ruiz

Marcelo has been working as a software developer for more than 15 years. He has participated in projects for companies in USA, Mexico, Argentina, Europe and Africa. He is skilled with Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, C#, WCF and SQL Server, among others.

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